Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday in London

I thought today would be a nice catch-you-up since I have been living here for a little over a week now.
After showering and having tea, I made my way to Oxford Circus.  Zara and Topshop were having sales, so sue me.  I managed to pick up these beauties which are somewhat similar to a studded pair of oxfords I had on my inspiration page.  Behold..loveliness

After shopping, I met Hanna and we headed to the trim shop for embellishments for my mood board, sketchbook and customization piece.  My theme for the 1920s came from viewing Midnight In Paris and  I am titling it "Artists of the 20s and their Muses".  My new obsession with Zelda Fitzgerald fell right into place.  Images of Picasso's, the Fitzgeralds, Galliano A/W08 and Vogue Sept issue two years ago line my 8 pages. I just started, so much more flair to come!

After the trim shop (which was amazing and tons of milliners use for their fascinators- Phillip Treacy was being discussed while we were there) we made it down to Primemark because I wanted to finally reach Lauren Conrad hair status and get a hair doughnut.  Step one,put hair in pony.  Step two put doughnut around base of pony, wrap around and pin.  Takes under 30 seconds.  The Brits are genius.

We quickly came to our senses and got the F out of Primemark as quickly as possible and headed to Shoreditch, only realizing Brick Lane is best on Sundays and Spitalfields had already closed up.  BUT, I had a great ham and cheese crepe for lunch, so glass half full.  Also passed Fort St.  Shout out to my homie <3

Back to the tube and off to Knightsbridge for more Birkin coverage than Hermes can keep up with.  We hit Harrods (and maybe another Zara) and took in the scenery.  The windows are brilliant.

Back to the tube and to Green Park for a pub chat and a pint.  We stopped into a spot right next to Mahiki and discussed intellectual topics like Candy Mountain on Youtube and how damn heavy mannequins can be.  We also made plans for Bricklane tomorrow which I am super duper pumped for.  I hit the tube for the 47th time and came back to Angel.  Sainsburys was my last stop, as I was out of milk and other necessities.  It's always interesting in foreign groceries because it's the same, but at the same time, totally different.  I worked on my homework, took pictures of my new cool stuff and now I'm watching Coldplay perform at Tea in the Park on BBC.  Wish I was in Edinburgh right now.  Also makes me miss my loves back home.  Give me love over this, love over, love over this.

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