Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nashville Fashion Week

For the first time ever, Cindy Wells and other big Nashville names came together to plan and execute a fantastic week of fashion.  No it wasn't Paris or London, but it was still very exciting and I had a lovely time meeting new people, working the events and taking in the different styles and designers.  I went Thursday night to see Christian Siriano, and it was just as I had imagined in all of his sheer, ruffle glory.  My seat wasn't the best, but I still had a nice view.  As we were all jammed into the pews at the church, all I could make were jesus loves fashion jokes.  White Rabbit and a few other local Nashville designers showed that night as well.  Playlists included throwback 90s Biggie Smalls, Florence and the Machine and Siriano's own mixed house music.

Christian Siriano

The next day Kelly Cutrone spoke at the Belcourt Theatre, and I don't think I've been more inspired-ever.  After her entertaining and informative two hours, I went to her reception and was lucky enough to meet her.  I told her my story, and she gave the best advice.  She's extremely down to earth and I couldn't think of a better role model.  "Don't just sit around.  Fucking stand and do what your dreams tell you."  We both wore our shades.  Her next book, Normal Get's You Nowhere, is available for preorder on Amazon.  If you haven't already read her first, I highly suggest you get to B&N right meow.  Not only has she seen the world through so many views, but she is a wonderful mother.  Hilarious and not afraid to say exactly what she thinks is an understatement.

Kelly Cutrone

Some other notable photos include a well dressed man I met while working Friday's shows and my beautiful friends.  For much better coverage, check out Today I'm Wearing Not only is she kickass in person, but her blog is maje.  

the burnt orange and maroon was the most perfect color combo

if it's not leopard, I don't want it

One of the most fashionable things I have found is to have lovely people in your life.        xx

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