Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Romantics

After seeing Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Anna Paquin film scenes on last year, I was very curious about the film, The Romantics, they were making together.  I waited and waited for it to come to theaters, but quickly forgot about it after never even seeing a trailer.  Last week my baby sister started referencing it, and the image stills popped back into my mind.  Thank god for RedBox being on every corner and East Tennessee not being into indie flicks.  After watching the film, I put life into perspective and pictured what my friends and I would be doing a few years down the road.  It's odd to think time is moving so quickly, and if you do not enjoy it, it will most definitely pass you by.

Seven best friends, dubbed the Romantics, reunite for a wedding.  Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin's odd frenimey relationship is shone as Lila (Paquin) asks Laura (Holmes) to be her maid of honor.  The other friends/cast include Malin Ackerman, Jeremy Strong, Adam Brody, Elijah Wood and many notable others to add.  Their interactions are extremely believable and almost relatable.  I personally loved Malin's character as she fought adulthood and remained the lovable, disheveled party girl making everyone smile.  It's an all around kooky, almost bazaar story line, as the rehearsal dinner and wedding day play out.  The rivalry and friendship cross lines in more ways than one.               xx

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  1. I watched this a few weeks ago too...very interesting me thinking too ...and i want josh duhamel to get in me.