Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PS I Made This

So, after starting new adventures in the world of crafting, I have attempted sewing.  I often find myself craving certain pieces or different versions of already achieved designers' work, but never thought about actually pursuing my idea of making exactly what I wanted.  I was given a few vintage patterns a few years ago, and this initially inspired me.  After asking for some help, buying a sewing machine, wandering around the fabric shop for hours and attempting a skirt and another dress, I have finally produced something worth wearing.  Now, if it will only get warmer than 60 degrees!  After researching Halston Heritage and finding a dress that I had to have, I decided to lengthen the ruffle on the vintage pattern so it would resemble the pink beauty.  Hopefully there will be more designs in my future. xx

Halston Heritage Off-the-Shoulder Dress

1976 Simplicity Pattern

Post cutting out the pattern, stitching the panels and ironing the seams. Pre casing, heming and adding elastic.

And...the finished product


  1. ahhhh fabulous!!!!! how do i order one??

  2. I need one desperately!!!

  3. BOOM! this is GREAT! cant wait to see more!

  4. I am so proud! Will you make me one?
    xoxo jessica