Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What to Work edition

So we've finished college ladies. The always trusty delta t-shirt, Nike shorts and Rainbows are definitely a no go in the real world. For some of us, we have found more relaxed environments and a creative take on workwear is acceptable. When a dear friend suggested a post be dedicated to career clothes, a (very excited) light came on. Although it is nice for some people to dress corporate everyday, I prefer to bend the rules and add some sparkle. (however; I know a very snazzy Loft goer that works corporate like it's her job ha) When working in a creative atmosphere in, say, LA, one must unfortunately take a page from Lauren Conrad. She keeps it minimal and to the point with adding subtle color here and there. I really enjoy her feminine take, but some ladies aren't into that. Selena Gomez (yes, shes like 12, but I like her style) Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson are all great LA ladies to gain inspiration from. I would suggest a multitude of layering Tshirts, skinny jeans/pants (or a style that fits your body type), a strong button-down oxford or two, comfy flats and lace up gladiator esque shoes, bold accessories, and major sunglasses. Throw in a designer looking bag, a fierce attitude and loads of organic lattes/smoothies, and you have a bright future ahead of you! When I think LA, I think of slightly edgy but carefree at the same time. Here are a few of my would-be essentials.

-A little white dress can make up for a little black one. Very spring and very perfect to dress up and down- day to night.
-A strong handbag is a must, but we cant always drop $$$ so, try this site. Fakes are so gross, but a no name black satchel doesn't break the rules. It's not quite Proenza Schouler, but we can pretend, right?
-A patterned skirt can add some flavor to your day, and mix prints! Go bold, but just enough for people to notice.
-A tuxedo oxford adds some personality to black skinnies or a full skirt. For laid back weekends, add cut off shorts.
-A strong, but classic flat will keep you grounded throughout the day, and then for events or drinks throw on an open toe lace up stacked heel.
-A skinny pant says career woman, but it can be relaxed with a plain white T and a bold necklace.
-Once summer comes, try dressed up shorts and a blazer for a 'its 90 degrees, but I'm still chic' vibe
-Layer tanks, then dress them up with a black maxi skirt
-While running errands and stopping at Starbucks, wear these, and the paparazzi will be following you

Stick to affordable stores for basics of course, but for splurges on sale try . Sign up for everyday sales for huge savings at, and To get sort-of-the-same outfits, but on a budget, try Frugal Fashionista and search for celebs. A new LA favorite of mine is also Everything is produced and modeled by the owner, Kat Kim. Obsessed with laid back feel and slashed up sweatshirt! This is a lot of black, but add your own special pieces to brighten things up.
Now, go on, make your mark and please don't forget to put me on the guest lists.


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