Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Knot(ch)

It all started around 1992 when ballet class was actually starting to teach us something and became less of a day care. Tutus, tights and buns weren't always a must, but I usually preferred the look (because I always wanted to dress up, even at an early age). The bun was a staple, so much so that I started to hate it, but after this summer I'm back in love. I never really tried to rock a top knot, at least in public, just because I thought it was for models and other insanely gorgeous tall ladies. Cue London and every hipster girl was doing it. I now do a top knot on the regular, and I especially appreciate them on 2nd day wash days like today (you know where you wash your hair, then the next day just shower and not shampoo because your blowout still looks good). I found some random ladies with exceptional top knots and I thought I should share. However; 1st place top knot status goes to Cannon Hodge, Bergdorf's tweeter phenom 20 something that keeps my days filled with fashion inspiration. Tied with Cannon in 1st place with best top knot is Oscar de's twitter gal, Erika Bearman. This woman is perfection.
Find out more about their tweets and just maybe you'll get a snap shot of their amazing top knots, too.

Street style, real life top knot
Spring 2010 runway top knots
Nicole Richie's knot with bangs
Gillian Zinser's red carpet hair knot
My second day top knot complete with Gap pajama sweater!


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