Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shoe Sale

So, I've voiced my opinion about 'take-pictures-of-myself' blogs, and I'm not the biggest fan; however, I am going to try and be more interactive. People close to me know my love for all things style, and they know when I find amazing things on sale I'm even happier. Right before Christmas I stopped into a local shoe store that sales left over men and womens shoes from shows, stores or they're just samples that were never sold. I have come across some MAJOR treasures over the past few years, including Marc Jacobs flats and heels, Kate Spades and loads of more contemporary brands like bcbg. This previous little trip paid off because I found Stuart Weitzmans from the upcoming spring season that I had been eyeing when Gywneth covered InStyle last month. The Open Shut Lace-Up Ankle Boots are still currently on, but I snagged mine for a mere $39. It's like they gave them away! They are a 6.5, which is a size up from my usual, but who could pass these up? I picked up shoe inserts while shopping that day as well, so they fit perfect (almost). No need to spend $395 for shoes if you're a smart shopper. A post featuring my latest purchase, Jimmy Choos, will come soon


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