Sunday, January 9, 2011

The City Flat

I usually blog about things I hope and dream of owning one day, trends and just all around beautiful pictures. Today I am here to suggest a very important and urgent purchase: the Gap City Flat. I have Tory Revas that put blisters on my heels after working all day, not to mention every girl in the southeast has at least one pair, and Lanvin ballet flats that aren't exactly comfortable after hours of wear (but I will validate the purchase because 1. they are Lanvin 2. They are a gorgeous investment). After experiencing major cabin fever, I scraped my way out and fetched my baby sister for a quick lunch date for salad and a small sangria. We stopped by the mall and ran into Gap and I once again eyed their fold-up faux leather flats. I had seen them numerous times when stopping in for Tshirts and a sequin jacket purchase, but I never tried a pair on because their 6's are usually too large for my foot. Kristin has a pair and said just try them, and under major fashion girl pressure, I fell in. Not only did they fit, but they're the most comfortable flats I've ever owned! For 39.95, this cannot be passed up. Best of all, they fold up and fit in your handbag! They come in the following colors: isealle red, silver, charcoal, black, olive, lilac, crushed berry,ballet pink, brown and camel (my pick today). They have also added patent one in most colors for spring, so they are sure to stay around! I will post real life results once I wear them, even though I hate look-at-what-I'm-wearing blogs (sorry Enough product plugging. Just go get Gap's City Flat.

Gap City Flat in Black and Camel $39.95


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