Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Crave: transitive verb
  to ask for earnestly : begdemand <crave a pardon for neglect>
 a : to want greatly : need <craves drugs>
b : to yearn for <crave a vanished youth>
intransitive verb
: to have a strong or inward desire <craves after affection>
— crav·er noun

I am YEARNING for these Isabell Marant Renell jeans.  Like, cheesecake craving on period day number 4.  Too bad they are sold out on Net-a-Porter (and a little steep at $660) because that is absolute leg love.   Behold, our friends over at A pair and a spare have Martha Stewart-style'd it up and created a DIY version.  

Michaels here I come...XX
images via findmeamuse, a pair a spare, marie claire

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