Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Billy Reid at The Box

It was such a treat to attend this party, and I unfortunately only came away with one photo from that night because cameras are reprimanded at The Box.  I picked up this stranger while out.  He seemed nice enough.

Billy Reid brought a bit of the south all the way to London and heres a snip of the party!  His designs can now be found at Mr Porter and I would move to Florence AL. just work for him at his gorgeous flagship.  Apache Relay hail from Nashville, TN and couldn't have been a better bit of southern fresh air.  I caught another one of their gig's while in London a few nights later, and they are on top of my one's to watch list, not to mention a lovely group of gentlemen.  Cant wait to find them back in Tennessee when they finish their tour with Mumford and Sons!

And one of my favorites... xx

videos via youtube 

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