Monday, October 10, 2011

Need Now>>quirky sneakers

I must admit, I'm slightly behind on the spiky sneakers trend, (I do have the spiked Topshop suede loafers, however) only because I hadn't seen the Christian Louboutin 'Louis' sneaker up close until last week on the train, and oh my, I fell in love.  I judged them prematurely.  I was a judger.  And I wish I could take it back, but, now, since they are literally sold out EVERYWHERE, I am on the hunt for exceptionally outstanding sneakers.

the originals..  $785

outfit inspo via Olivia Palmero...

my find... Boden Baseball Boots £65.00
And then DIY the spikes here! xx

images from people, netaporter, boden

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