Monday, September 26, 2011

James Long Interview

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to interview James Long after his SS12 show at LFW this past Wednesday.  For more party pics visit 7th Man Magazine xx


7th Man co-hosted the party presented by Erol Sabadosh & Wyld Wednesdays in collaboration with Relative MO. After all the collections had hit the runways, Menswear Day concluded and the champagne began to flow, as did the bespoke cocktails courtesy of Grey Goose and Bacardi Oakheart. London’s trendiest scene arrived at the W Hotel in Leicester Square for the evening’s event to dance the night away. DJ Erol Sabadosh and Laurence Matthew kept the crowd moving into the early morning to celebrate James Long’s successful SS12 collection. 7th Man caught up with the designer immediately after his show to do a quick interview.
James Long Q&A Immediately following hisSS12 Show LFW.
7th Man: How did you prepare for the upcoming show?
James Long: I mean it started off with Edward James' surrealistic garden in Mexico. Took him twenty years in the 70s. It was like a tropical landscape within that almost like licked a toad with poison on it, a bit weird. At the same time when he was building that in mexico the whole Iggy and Roxy music scene was was kicking off here. For some reason they just gelled together for me, what was going on in Mexico and then that was going on in New York/London. I inserted leopard into the bamboo leaves to make it sort of a surreal print. Leathers, painted effects on the snake skin are things Ive been doing for a while just trying to make everything quite solid really but new as well.
Last night I had 1 hour and 45 min sleep and then went to the studio and fit rest of the models. It was fine, it's an amazing team styling and my teams really good. It's really just paying attention to all the details. You have to do the last night all night if you were in bed at 10, all tucked in, it wouldn’t make sense.
7th Man: What are you doing now that the show has finished?
James Long: I’ll probably go see my mum and my dad and mysister who owns my business with with me then theres a GQ dinner and then the party at the W hotel.
7th Man:What are your expectations of the evening? Are you excited about the Party at the W with 7th Man tonight?
James Long: Really looking forward to it. Be nice to have a drink and chill out.
Interview by Courtney Beard, Images by Rokas Darulis
images from 7th Man

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