Sunday, July 17, 2011


Fighting the wind and rain to see British culture= bad hair and nasty blisters.  No worries, I am rewarding myself with a chocolate croissant that has 900 million calories in it right now.
This week's round UP:
Shoot prep has been in full swing, and we start at 9am tomorrow, more updates on that ASAP!
Friday came quickly and we had goodbye drinks for a co-worker around Heddon House and then was my first Soho experience, which can be summed up with this video.  We got our gay on.


Be-A-Tourist Sunday happened (after the amazing Italian date in Angel last night) and we took in a viewing of St. Pauls and the London Bridge area after browsing the flower market in Shoreditch (hence the gerbers in hand).  I enjoy the weekends sooo much, too bad they go so quickly!  xx

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