Monday, June 6, 2011

Rachel Zoe Reort 2012

My fashion savior, and own personal messiah, has released her lookbook for her second collection which is Resort 2011.  Yes, some suggest Zoe is stylist clone, only making clients and celebutanties exact replicas of herself and own personal style.  She was also "feeding them Mexican horse tranquilizers and supplying them with Colombian cocaine" so they remain skinny.  WHO CARES.  I, for one, am absolutely enamored by her high waisted wide leg flairs, over sized sunglasses and 70s inspired whimsical, but structured dresses.  Bandwagon or not,  I have loved the shit out of her since she got on the scene styling for Nicole, Mischa and even Britney.  Resort 2011 is very major, bananas and all of the above Zoeisms.  Out of the almost thirty looks, I think all are sensible and extremely wearable--even though Zoe herself isn't the hot pink type.  xx

to see the rest of Rachel Zoe's Resort Collection visit

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