Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Made This: CakeBalls

I don't usually bake too often, but this past weekend's festivities called for big Martha Stewart guns!  It wasn't the typical shower, but my MOH duties needed to be stepped up and the edibles needed to be semi pretty.  It is so easy, YOU can do it in under 30 minutes (plus baking time)!

First purchase your cake flavor and regular icing.  I chose yellow buttercream cake and chocolate icing.
Bake your cake as normal following all directions.  Purchase a pineapple because it is festive.

After baking for 30 or so minutes, let the cake cool and start mashing it up in a large bowl.  Break the cake into small pieces.  This is my favorite part.

After your beautiful cake it smushed, add in half of your selected icing.  Mix icing with your baked cake until it reaches a play-dough type mixture.  Start rolling your new thick paste into balls, a table spoon amount will do.

After rolling your desired balls (insert "thats what she said joke") place on cookie sheet and freeze for about 45 minutes.

After freezing you can place them into cutesy small cups or leave them out before dipping.  You can also add candy sticks if you want them to be less balls, more pops.  If you do pops, dip the end of the candy stick into chocolate before inserting.  This post keeps getting raunchier/I'm so immature.  Start heating your candy coating (which can be purchased at Michaels or Walmart or any specialty cooking/baking store) and prepare to dip.  I prefer to drizzle.

After dipping or drizzling, decorate with sprinkles, candy pieces or fruit.  Be creative and as colorful as you want.  I love the light green pearls to give a touch of color.  TADAAAA' You have a whole cake in one miniature bite!  Perfect for any occasion!  Now, what are you going to wear??      xx

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