Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Covetuer

I know that every girl (especially this one) dreams of having a spacious, beautiful walk in closet filled with pieces that are so dear to the heart, you almost cant even wear them.  One of my new favorite look-to web sites is The Coveteur, which is quickly bringing one-of-a-kind closets straight to my screen.  Today a special little lady was chosen to display her goods and authentic taste, drumroll puuleeeassse... none other than the ManRepeller herself, Leandra Medine.  This young lady, who is this close to graduating, has taken the fashion blogger world by storm.  She has quickly become a digital inspiration, and I could only hope that my closet be as cool as hers one day.  Check, checkcha check her OUT on the interwebs at The Coveteur.     Much more sartorial eye candy to come.         xx

 miu miu shoes, balenciaga dress 

valentino shoes, dallin chase shorts & anarchy street top 

my own personal closet inspiration; the one and only CB

images from the coveter and

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