Saturday, April 9, 2011

PS I Made This 2 (and you can, too!)

 It is finally beginning to feel like spring, so it is time to drag those brights out of your closet.  It is going to feel so good to buckle sandals instead of coats!  After digging deep into the depths of my closet, I decided that last summer's warddrobe fell short.  I wanted a lighter wash pair of shorts.  Light bulb went off...I could make them.  I pulled out a pair of Citizens I had purchased two summers ago for $29 dolla dolla bills at a Saks Off Fifth.  Now thats practically stealing.  Don't get me wrong, I love a hippie light wash and flares make me feel good, but it was time for a transformation.  AND, best of all, this fashion craft is so easy, anyone can do it.

First, pick a pair of jeans, the less stretch the better, and get your mom to take pictures of you in them.  Jokes, sort of.

Second, pick your length.  Mark where you would like them to hit and add about two inches to cuff them.  Go for the longer Ralph Lauren mom shorts, or even Jessica Simpson's daisy duke.  (If you choose the second, don't forget to not eat for the next four months.)  Now, mark them and begin amputation.

After chopping off the legs, pin up the cuffs.   Two inches is a good cuff length in my opinion.  After pinning, find the seams on both inside and out.  You need to stitch (by hand or machine) along the original seams.  After making sturdy cuffs, iron them down to prevent premature unraveling.

And wahhhhlaaaaa.  You have a new pair of summa' time shorts.  Now, go tan.         xx

deep apologies for the tiny pictures.  blame photobucket for effing up my post.

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