Monday, February 14, 2011

baby, baby, baby ohh-Grammys

With everyone having Bieber fever, they let their stylists pick out terrible outfits for them. The Grammys are my favorite award show by far with all the entertainment, but the artists' collaboration with designers have been a no go all evening. This usually happens at the Grammys because there are no rules and everyone is being all creative. Katy Perry had on custom Giorgio Armani angel wings, Kim K looked like a really expensive porn star and Miley has been munching too much after the salvia smokes. Alas, there were a few great picks, but the worst dress list outnumbers them by far-too many to even count, so, lets just award the ones that shined. And where were Bieber's wins??

-Julianne Huff was major spring in Malandrino. The colors perfectly flowed with her simple updo. It sort of looks like a quilt, but I love the mixed print
-Lea Michelle made a statement in her cutout black Emilio Pucci dress. Shocked she's not in ODLR
-Florence Welch always stands out, and this Givenchy Haute Couture version of the white swan is amazing
-Eva Longoria has made all of my best dressed lists this season. She is itty bitty and I love her. The Ashi Studio ruffle mixing black and white is flattering
-JLo is my standout, because look at her. She had twins, dated/married half of Hollywood and still looks fresh to death in Pucci and deadly Louboutins. Its loud, but at least it's not the sheer Versace accessorized with Puffy from 2000


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