Thursday, January 6, 2011

Look 4: Winter White

I was recently roaming around and I found a neat pictorial that showed Vogue's Senior Accessories editor, Filipo Fino, and her work wear choices for an entire week. Not only was each outfit completely perfect/brilliant, but each one could probably feed a small country. Each look showed Fino's impeccable taste and her supreme journalistic skills. Day Four was my favorite and consisted of: Gucci coat, sweater, and pants; Nina Ricci bag; Portolano gloves; Christian Louboutin fur boots. Fino was quoted saying, "I rarely dress head to toe in one brand, but I have to say that I truly fell for every piece of this Gucci look." I mean, I could fall for most Gucci pieces, too. Although the color palette is very similar, the textures and details make each piece so different. The winter Portolano gloves make her completely winter ready. The Nina Ricci bag is also long enough to be versatile and converts into a cross body. Lastly, and most importantly, the fur Louboutins make her look go beyond. A splurge like this could heat up your life your many snowy winters to come. A career like Fino's (not to mention her amazing outfits and perks) is something to dream about.


photos from Marko MacPherson

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