Monday, January 17, 2011

Best/Worst Golden Globes 11'

I was beginning to think everyone's stylists had gone mad wile the first few minutes went by on the red carpet pre-show. Jennifer Love Hewitt and other less known ladies kept coming by and I was just like really?? Then it started getting exciting when Lea Michele came in ODLR pink flowing gown then Meg Fox in a sparkly Armani number. Then, my best dressed nominees finally arrived.
My first pick is Eva Longoria minus the Parker. Single girl has swag, and I give it to her for wearing such a 'tall girl' dress. Eva is a huge fan of Zac Posen and wears him often. The back cut out detail really gives it flair.
Next was the lady of the night, Natalie Portman. Her acceptance speech for best actress was really sort of awkward when she said, 'ya know he was the guy that said he wouldn't sleep with me, and he really wants to!". Her Victor& Rolf maternity dress isn'y what everyone had in mind, but it was very flattering. I was not a fan of the matchy red rose, clutch and shoes. The necklace was also too much. Now what will she wear for the bet is Dior.
Leighton Meester is next on my list in Burberry. This is also very different than anything she has done previously, especially at an awards show of this caliber, but I absolutely loved the long sleeves, the slit and the Louboutins.
We can forget Annie Hathaway in Armani Prive with all of Rachel Zoe's genius. Its a little bit mermaid, but the silhouette and back exposure is unforgettable.
Mila is also a very talked about nominee this season and she was on trend with emerald, an extremely popular color. She was in Vera Wang.
Last but not least, Emma Stone, was a dream in sherbet Calvin Klein Collection. Its minimalist and easy and I love it. She might have been a little too tan, but she worked it.
Honorable mentions go to Angelina looking sort of how she always does in the green trend in Versace, Tina Fey in velvet Lawren Scott, Piper Perabo looking less coyote ugly in Oscar de la Renta, Sandra Bullock (I can't decide if I love or hate her new bangs) in Jenny Packem.

Now the worst dressed ladies of the night were trying too hard, and should just go ahead a fire their stylists.
January Jones knows she't hot, and poor girl probably didn't eat for the entire week leading up to the GG. The red Versace was just showing too much for my taste, and would have been great for the Grammys.
Michelle Williams must've lost her mind and why did Valentino even make this dress? She is channeling Mia Farrow, and it must stop now. Remember when she wore the mustard Vera Wang to the Sag Awards? Please get back to that.
And lastly, Halle Berry lost heft half of her dress in the 90's. Yes, her body is out of this world. No, that does not look good.


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