Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"and I'm naming names"

I hated her, I loved her, and now I hate her again. Just days before her latest album dropped, Tay Swift was all over NY playing girlfriend to Jake. I guess he's into much younger blondes. Reece was a few years older, but she had baggage that consisted of children and an extremely hot ex husband who just can't seem to get any work. Onto the next one, Jake! But be warned, she will write a song about you in her next album and do multiple interviews about how you broke her heart. The Jonai, John Mayer (guess he slept with her and didn't call when they did that song together earlier this year) and the never forgotten Tsquared romance with Lautner. He was even invited to after-shack-breakfast at the Pancake Pantry while visiting in Nashville. I can't wait to see her as woman scorned after their romance of apple picking is over!

And big Thank you to Kerry Pieri for the picture from


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